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About the Bubble


The Sports Bubble originally opened in 1993 as the "Fargo Golf Dome". After operating exclusively as a golf driving range for three years, the business became "The Sports Bubble" in 1996 and expanded to become a much more diverse facility featuring sports leagues, company parties, and a bar and restaurant. Since that time the Bubble has continued to expand with other activities and offerings while continuing to exist with golf as the primary activity.


Just how does the bubble stay up, anyway? The Bubble itself has absolutely no structural support – it is held up simply by air. A continuous supply of air pumped in from outside maintains the pressure inside the bubble at an amount slightly above that outdoors. That pressure inflates the bubble and holds it in place. The air pressure necessary to keep the bubble inflated is a mere .036 PSI. Considering that most automobile tires inflate to a pressure of 35-45 psi, this is a surprisingly low amount.

The bubble is manufactured of two layers of vinyl – a thin inner layer and a thicker, stronger outer layer. There is insulation between the layers and the bubble is designed to bend and sway in the wind.